Bath Bomb Factory Science Kit

Have good clean fun with this fantastic bath bomb kit.

Discover exciting effervescent experiments and fascinating fizzy activities. Makes bath time a lot more fun!

Wild Science is a range of science kits with real attitude, and you can have good clean fun with this one!

Experiment with all the ingredients and make your own scented Bath Bombs, Phunny Phoam, Magic Tricks and much, much more! As well as being fantastic, fizzy and fascinating, the Bath Bomb factory also teaches you about the science behind ‘fizz’ and the changes that occur when materials are mixed. You can then use them in your bath.

Contents – fragrence, glycerine, stirring sticks, packing stick, pipette, spoons, Citric Acid, sandpaper, mould, balloons & tie, starch powder, beaker, food dyes, Sodium Bicarbonate, safety goggles & gloves.

Colour instruction manual also included.

Recommended ages: 10 years and over.


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