My Living World Triop World

Hatch living creatures from the age of the dinosaurs and see how your Triops double in size each day. Triops hatch in 24 hours, can grow up to 4cm long and have an incredible life cycle.

You may also hatch other creatures such as Clam Shrimp, Fairy Shrimp and Daphnia.

What are Triops? Triops are crustaceans. The crustacean’s family includes animals such as shrimps and crabs. Triops obtain oxygen they need from the water through their feet and this characteristically places them in a group of crustaceans called Branchiopods. Your Triops scientific name is Triops Longicaudatus, but their common names are ‘Dinosaur Shrimp’ or ‘Tadpole Shrimp’.

Winner of the Creative Play Award 2013 – Winner of Outdoor Toys & Games (4-7 years) Category and The Good Toy Guide 2008 – Gold Award Winner for the best Science and Nature Toy

For ages 7 years +


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